John Lee / Paintings
Figure in SpaceFull Value DrawingCezanne CompositionStill Life Signature Self PortraitLine Drawing (P.C. with T.P.)2 Value Drawings (Mural)Two Value DrawingStill Life TransformationValue Drawing: Expansion and CollageValue (Light and Shadow, Shape and Edge Range)Landscape DrawingStanding Self Portrait (Stoic)Angle/Revision/CompositionTranscriptionStill LIfe TranscriptionGestural LandscapeGestural TranscriptionFigure in SpaceAfter TitianColor Spot StudyComplementary Still Life (Blue/Orange + White)Color SafariFruit in SpaceAfter Bonnard (Group Project)Still Life (Fruit in Space)Reclining Figure (Two Lights)Self PortraitReflections and TransparenciesExtended Figure PaintingPlush Still LifeSelf PortraitSelf Portrait (Figure/Space/Rhythm)Figure in SpaceTranscriptionSelf PortraitComplementary Still LifeSelf Portrait
Student Work